We want you to be able to see what a trip would cost before creating a delivery order, we make sure the pricing is in line with what is obtainable in the market, a tool you can use to make business decisions. 🙂

Fare calculator is available on Pine Cargo, Pine Carrier and Pine Driver app. Select Fare calculator and key in the following:

Image Description
  1. Enter Pickup and
  2. Delivery Address (you can always add a second delivery address)
  3. Select the type of truck you require by sliding to your right and back.
  4. Enter the tonnage of your cargo
  5. Enter Estimated value of goods for insurance premium to be include in the price or set the value as zero "0" to remove insurance (Note: we won't be held responsible for any damages to your cargo if this feature is removed)
  6. Select Estimate on the top right corner to show you the estimated charges.