To request for a truck, use the following steps,

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  1. Select Create a delivery order (You have to set payment method before creating a delivery order).
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2. Enter your pick up address, pick up date and time and save pickup location.

3. Enter delivery address, you can add multiple delivery address and save delivery location.

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4. Select nature of goods.

5. Enter estimated value of goods, we use this to provide insurance for your goods, if you don't want us to insure then you can set the value as "0". (Note: we won't be held responsible for any damages to your cargo if this feature is removed).

6. Select the truck type you want from the truck pool by sliding left or right.

7. Enter the Tonnage of your cargo (if known) or key in the tonnage of the truck.

8. Enter Cargo recipient contact details (Recipients can be you or your customers).

9. Press GET ESTIMATED FARE, this shows you how much your trip would cost (with insurance premium if value of goods was keyed in).

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10. Create order by pressing Save trip reservations. Please note tha you will be charged at this point, it is important that you have the amount charged on your account for you to be able create the order.

You will receive a notification when our partners accepts and starts coming to your pickup address, it is important that you make provisions for the arrival and loading of your cargo at your pickup address in a timely manner. You can use in app messaging to message the driver or you can call the driver from the app (standard call charges may apply).

After loading of goods, the driver will start the trip on his app, they are to show you when starting the trip on their phone for transparency reasons. At the point a secret code will be generated on your app and also sent as text message, this code will be used to confirm that you or your recipient received your cargo completely and not damaged.

The trip can only be ended on the driver's app using this code signalling the end of the trip. Please do not disclose this code to the driver until you are sure your goods are complete and in good shape.