There is a built in Fleet Manager where you can add all your drivers and trucks to be able to assign orders for them to execute. In this article I am going to show you how to add Drivers to your fleet:

  1. Open Pine Carrier app, you can download for iOS and Android and sign up.
  2. Select Fleet Manager on navigation menu.
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3.  Select the Drivers tab and ADD NEW DRIVER.

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4.  Enter the drivers Phone number and save to invite him to join your fleet

5.  The driver would recieve a text message with an invitation code to be used to join your fleet.

Driver should download Pine Cargo app available on iOS and Android to accept invitation and set up Driver account following the steps below:

  1. Open Pine Cargo app, on Login page press Accept Invitation
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2.  Key in Driver's details in the form of Name, Email, Phone Number, Verification Code sent as text message, password and accept.

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3.  You have successfully added Driver to your fleet, repeat this step to add more Drivers, there is no limit.